Affordable SEO Services for Small Business



Profit-Driven SEO

Our effective and inexpensive SEO packages are custom tailored to your specific search engine ranking needs and objectives.  Rather than focusing on multiple aspects of your SEO campaign, we focus on the most important factors that will help you achieve rankings for specific keywords, as quickly as possible.


We will conduct exhaustive keyword research to identify the most profitable keywords for your business, and that at the same time, have low to moderate competition.  This way we will achieve rankings faster, for your most profitable keywords.



Drive Qualified Traffic

 Keyword selection is the most important part of any SEO strategy, and it's the foundation that will determine whether your keyword ranking campaign will drive visitors that will actually call you, send you a message or buy from you.  
More than simply selecting keywords for you, we will educate you on the reasoning behind the keyword selection, why we believe it will be effective, how long it may take to rank, and how we measure it's effectiveness.  Our goal is to not just to rank you, is to drive money-out-of-wallet visitors to your business.

Leads, Calls & Sales

The ultimate goal for any small business owner is to make money as effortlessly as possible.  We won't be getting you lost in all the technobabble behind the keyword ranking techniques we will use - we'll simplify it and if necessary, we'll be happy to demonstrate it in real time.


When we launch a keyword ranking strategy you will know everything there is to know about your campaign, and you'd be pleasantly surprised by how we have mastered the skills necessary to rank websites for carefully selected keywords that drive qualified visitors that actually buy from you.  

affordable seo services for small business affordable seo for small business

SEO Services

Our Affordable SEO Services for Small Business packages have been designed to provide results for the budget conscious small business owners and professionals.



This is our budget friendly SEO package perfectly suited for new and revamped websites, small business startups or independent professionals, looking to build a solid online presence.  


Package Details:


- SEO Work on 5 Pages

- 5 Directory Submissions

- Existing Profile Enhancements 

- Google My Business Account Verification


If you want to get your website up and running on the web at very affordably pricing, there is not other service that comes close.



 If you are looking to establish your business on the web, build credibility, and generate leads or calls from your local business, this SEO package will give you just that and much more.  


Package Details:


- Complete Webiste SEO Optimization

- Schema Markup Implementation

- Reviews badge integration

- Google+ Profile Optimization

- 5-Local Keyword Targeting

- 5 Page Content Creation


This package has been designed to increase your incoming call volume from interested customers, & rank your business in Google My Business top 3 search engine for up to 5 keywords.



We designed this package focusing on increasing web leads, phone calls and product sales. SEO, Content Creation, Customer Reviews, & Business profile enhancements.


 Package Details:


- Kickstart & Competitive Included

- 10+ Keyword Rankings

- 10+ Page Content Creation Per month

- 10+ Product Descriptions Per month

- Call Tracking


As part of this package, we will launch a customer reviews campaign for multiple directories such - and will help you combat negative reviews, consistently.

SEO Services
For Small Business

Affordable pricing, effective SEO services, reputable SEO Team, local company are just some of the assets you will be able to rely on.

seo services for small business affordable seo for small business

$0 Upfront Required

All of our packages do not have any downpayment requirement.  Our packages come free from commitment and you can cancel at any time.  With a 90% customer retention rate, we're confident you will remain as a customer due to our abilities and results, not because of a contract.

Quick Turnaround

Any of our SEO packages will provide you with a quick turnaround time for your rankings.  Because we focus on the areas of your website and business that help you generate leads, phone calls and sales, you will achieve faster search engine rankings.

Actionable Reporting

You will be able to appreciate the results of your SEO campaign with our unique and simplified visitor click, web lead, phone call, and sales reporting.  We leave the technical aspects of our site out of this report, as the only metric that really counts is the amount of money that reaches your bank account.