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You Need to be Methodical

Over 80% of the Social Marketing campaigns have a broad customer audience.  Today, Ad impressions are just not enough, if your impressions do not turn into leads or phone calls, it really doesn't matter.


There are several reasons why your campaign may be failing, but the most noticeable ones have to do with incorrect demographic settings, low quality headlines, incompatible visual ads, running the same Ad for multiple campaigns amongst others. 

Control Your Budget and Bid Wisely

Most companies rely on the "auto" bid platform to do the hard work for them, thinking that the platform has their best interest at heart.  There are some campaigns that have obtain good set of impressions in "auto" mode, but rarely they convert those impressions.  If your campaign is has any setting in auto mode, you need to rethink your strategy.  


Eight out of ten campaigns that we've analyzed over the past six years have made little or no revenue due to incorrect use of auto mode.

Social Media Marketing Works if Done Right

Make no mistake, user engagement is critical to the growth of your campaign - but not all campaigns share the exact same objectives, and they can't all just use identical campaigns to obtain the same results.  


If you are going after customer engagement, your campaign needs a very specific type of marketing strategy, if you are going after leads, you need to implement a custom tailored campaign that drives turns those impressions into leads - from the moment people see your ads and click on them.


The rate in which social media reach keeps growing is truly remarkable, but if you want to obtain your lion's share of this massive audience, you better have a solid social media marketing campaign that is based on auto modes, and hearsay.


"Thumbs up all around.  The team at iexperts revived our campaign. Not even Facebook's own reps could help solve our problem."

- Danny R.

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Identify Platform Driven Potential

Twitter has over 200 million users generating well over 300 million tweets a day. They tweet about what ever is happening and follow a variety of interests, which ought to include your business and what your up to. Tweets influence online conversation on a daily basis, and best of all, fans might re-tweet your posts to all of their fans.


 Pinterest helps 100 million users save and share image content to virtual collections they can share with others, and includes the things they want, buy, and enjoy doing. The vast majority of its users are female, and their social network has a niche for every industry.


 Instagram's 300 million mobile users share photos, video, and social networking, with connection to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. There are plenty of extra perks to Instagram membership that can generate more traffic and conversions.


 YouTube also has over a billion users. Thousands of hours or video are uploaded ever day. YouTube lets users enjoy videos and music for free, and share it with others as well as leave open forums for discussion. They've developed affordable social media advertising for small business that will get attention from a huge audience


 LinkedIn is the top professional networking site at more than 400 million members, and growing every day. It's designed for the professional community, so you can craft your own content, create the image you want the business world to see, and make useful contacts. For B2B networking, this platform is not to be missed.


 Help with social media marketing

 But learning to navigate these different sites and master their advertising systems can take a lot of time and effort. The easiest path to success is to enlist the services of an expert in affordable social media marketing for small business. iExperts Media is one company that can point you in the right directions and help you customize a plan that works for your business.


They have a big team of experienced professionals qualified in every aspect of online marketing. Taking your social media to the next level is something they do well. Pinterest is hot now and they can guide you into creating a powerful presence and a lucrative marketing campaign with their expert insights.


 If you're completely new, or even a novice, at social media and the maze of tips and tricks that will get you notice, you need the help of affordable social media advertising for small business that can fine tune your image and your message into something that draws crowds of followers.


 When it's done right, social media marketing drives traffic to your site and increases brand awareness. That's a big part of any marketing plan. Get in touch with us to get started on a world of opportunities.

     Social Media Engagement Generated on 2015:


 5,678 likes, 342 shares (single client)



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