How to Choose the Right SEO Agency in San Diego

Let the right one in and the wrong one out

This is a question that our client’s have constantly asked and it usually comes due to two causes: the first could be that they had a bad experience with their prior SEO agency and the second is that they want to make an educated choice.   Note here that we are using the key-word “right” and not “best”, as they have both extremely different intent, and we are only focusing on the answer that would imply a certain degree of research, data analysis, proof and customer testimonials.

Hold that thought for a second

Before we continue with our post, let us answer the next obvious question: are we the “right” SEO agency in San Diego?  The reality is that it depends on what “your” goals are by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your site’s online marketing strategy.   You see, the search engines have evolved tremendously over the past five years, and some tactics and strategies that worked then (and even two years ago) are completely and utterly useless today.  SEO demands fresh ideas and innovative solutions that tackle the evolution of search engines as well as people’s tendencies to use them.

We need more “data” in order to answer your question

So, in order for us to answer the “right” question we will have to ask some questions of our own, and these could be in the lines of: what do you think SEO can do for your business? If you answer “I want to rank #1 on Google” then we will explain what the really means in the real business world, if you say something in the lines of “I want to improve my site’s online exposure” or “We want to target our audience with our offerings” or even “We need to get a 30% sales increase during the next few months” ( you know, the real business reasons) then yes, we are the “right” SEO agency for your business.

More than just a degree complexity

Search Engine Optimization was never meant to be a task (or set of tasks) performed by a third-party (agencies) and we don’t believe for a second that Google even planned for that to be the case.  Search engines have plenty of search engine optimization guidelines such as the ones provided by Google and Bing, and they are easy to understand for most people. Unfortunately these guides are intended only for those who have both basic search engine knowledge and the time to invest into learning not only what these guidelines are intended to do for the site owner, but also learn the platform on which the recommendations of these guides are to be implemented on.

You get the calls, emails and postcards

Almost every day business owners receive several phone calls, emails, postcards and just about any other type of marketing propaganda available today, and they are all promising search engine rankings, lead generation, search engine marketing at incredibly low prices.  In most cases, the price alone is the reason why these agencies are chosen and also the main reason why there are so many dissatisfied business owners.  You know the saying, it’s about quality and not about…

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