eCommerce SEO for
Online Stores

We have a "sales-first" approach to eCommerce SEO  
for your Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and Shopify Online Stores

eCommerce SEO

You need as many people to know where your shop is and come to sample what it is that you are selling.  To be successful in online eCommerce your site needs to be found by search engines first.

Proficient URLs

Even on today's modern technological online shopping era, 86% of eCommerce websites experience poor indexing issues with search engines due to poorly structured web pages, content, images, category and product URLs.  We will not only implement eCommerce site's URL best practices, we will improve their indexing and craw rates too, by up to 70%.

Product Descriptions

In order for your eCommerce shop products to show up on Google's search results, you need to be as thorough as possible on your product's unique features.  Our creative copywriters research what your consumers need to make buying decisions, and implement accordingly.

Turbocharged Speed

Most eCommerce stores suffer in the search engines because they load in 4 seconds or more, are not fully mobile-friendly, the font sizes are incorrect, the navigation is confusing, the site's internal search function is either nonfictional or non existent.  We drive into the code of your site and improve performance and loading speed to achieve 1.2 to 2 second loading times.

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Sales-driven Keyword Selection

Improper keyword selection and aggressive keyword competitiveness are some of most prominent issues with ecommerce websites that fail to sell online.  To be successful in ecommerce requires that a san diego shop owner that gets traffic targeted into their store from the search engine results, is able to identify phrases and words that online buyers use to find the store and the process of purchasing from the online store is made to be straightforward so as to help conversion of interest into actual sales. 

Product Page Optimization

It will require far more than a simple product name, 50 word description content and an image to get your products found on the internet.  The importance of optimizing individual webpages of a website aids in giving consumers search results of specific products. Long tail keywords for example can only lead a potential customer to the exact page of the product where they will find full description for it. Every page of an ecommerce website should be reviewed to ensure that it has a title and an image that is accompanies by text to describe it.


A product keyword optimization process consists on identifying the catchy words and phrases that your customers use to find your specific products on search engines.  One of the very best ways to identify keywords is to ask existing customers how they describe your products, or doing an online search for a description of similar items.  Keywords do not have to be centered on a product or service but can also be words that describe a store.


The best way to make the keywords you have found useful is to place them on every page of the website that hosts the store. From the Meta description that gives online users an overview of what the ecommerce business is all about to the homepage that tells the customers about the owners of the business, the placement of keywords ensures that the business shows up in searches. While it is common for businesses to use common words to implement their searches, better results are seen with use of copywriting keywords.

Buying Funnel Enhancements

Customers are likely to buy more if the website on which your products are posted is easy to navigate. If the number of items posted is large then the best approach would be to group items into categories so that it is easy for the customers to go through. Customers should be able to return to the homepage from whichever page they are on in the website and this will make it easy to find items that they are looking for. 




Improved User Navigation

Most of the highly successful ecommerce websites have a couple of tabs on each page that open up on a more detailed page of the website when clicked. A customer is able to use these to get little bits of the larger picture that the website is trying to tell. Apart from helping customers to find their way around the site, they are also useful in displaying only the information that is needed.

For hard to use websites, bounce visits have a very high rate compared to converted visits that result in a sale. A bounce visit means that a customer closed the site as soon as they opened it due to reasons such as a navigation system that is too complex.  


Doing business nowadays has been made very easy with the digital age. It is now possible to have a shop that is based on the internet meaning that customers have no physical location they can refer you to. This kind of business operates on the concept of online purchasing which is more or less what would happen in a physical shop. 


A website that has content that is not the usual product name or product description serves the purpose of providing more content from which search engines can draw feedback and also winning the customers trust because of the sharing of information in the form of blogs and articles.

We Ranked 20K+
Products Online

For the past 4 years, we've ranked over 35 online eCommerce sites with over 20+ products on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, that have generated over $450,000 in revenue for our clients.

100% client focused eCommerce SEO

Some ecommerce traders find it easier to write articles that describe a product, teach other people how to use it and inform them of different aspects of a product while others enjoy posting the occasional blog that touch on a topic that is closely related to what you are dealing in. a pet store may write on pet grooming and training.  


Products that are targeted to a certain customer type should have text that the people in that target group would most likely use on a day to day basis in reference to what you are selling. Easy to read yet content filled descriptions are highly encouraged so that the chances that a sale will be made out of this chance are not lost.


Advertising is good because it helps to capture the interest of people who would be potential customers. The reality of the matter is that the internet has a sea of businessmen all competing for the same audience. Additional efforts that build on simple advertisement are therefore crucial to the success of an ecommerce venture. 

Unparalleled eCommerce Content Creation

While the use of SEO may be applied to any business that has an online presence, it is no doubt most important for those in ecommerce than in any other industry. When a customer conducts an online search for a product, you can be sure that they are ready and have the money for a purchase. It is up to the trader then to ensure that their products can be seen from these searches. 


While customers might bump into a shop on their way home an online customer is often looking for something specific to buy. It is the wish of every trader in ecommerce that a search for their products will rank them in the first page of the search engine results. This puts them at a better position for making sales and increases the number of visitors going through the items in a store.


Ecommerce SEO has become a business idea in itself such that there are professionals whose interest is to make a brand, product or store visible to the online community. The process involved though technical, is very straightforward and follows the following steps.