Facebook Marketing
& Management

We help you connect your brand, website, products & services with your target audience.

Facebook is the 2nd largest search engine with 1.3 billion people using it every day.

Targeted Advertising

Facebook allows you to target a consumer market of your choice, without any efforts on primary research, demographics and market analysis.  


You will obtain a detailed and in-depth insight into the mind and life of your targeted consumer, from the age, location, gender and religion of the users to their personal tastes, likes and dislikes. 

Our team will help your Facebook page build an audience and raise awareness with useful resources, stories, and imagery that will delight your audience.


With a properly executed campaign, we can acquire Facebook likes and followers from real people that actually want to connect with your business.

Fan Pages & Groups

We take Facebook fan pages to the next level by incorporating other social networks within your Facebook fan page.


Now you can have your website, Instagram, youtube, Vimeo and targeted landing pages specifically designed for your Facebook fan page.

Going From Likes
to Online Sales

Not all Facebook "likes" are created equal.  If your Facebook fan page audience
does not engage with your posts, a million likes won't matter.

Let your fans feel in control and take over

Start a Dialogue

Facebook is all about personal space and constant communication.  Most business owners today simply post what they feel it's useful to them, and completely ignore what it's useful and entertaining to their audience.  You should treat your Facebook page just like your website, if your posts do not generate interest and keep your audience entertained, your page will fail.  Most Facebook fan pages today fail because a lack of understanding on how to use Facebook for businesses, or because its primarily used a secondary selling platform.

Don't Sell, Just Share

This seems to be the Achilles' heel of modern Facebook Fan Pages.  Facebook has a dedicated Advertising platform that demands a different engagement approach and your Facebook wall is not the best way to go about it.  When you create useful content, share stories or simply post relevant news, your audience will consider you as a reputable source.  Your Facebook wall is not for selling, its for sharing.  Our Facebook management campaigns create online buzz and keep your audience engaged.

Biggest Social 
Marketing Platform

According to recent statistics, Facebook has approximately 1.28 billion active users each day, and hence, it is the 2nd most visited website on the Internet.

Inexpensive Advertising Platform

Advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive as compared to penetrating a new market, conducting primary and secondary research and then, spend a great deal of amount in attracting the identified market with massive scale advertisement efforts. Facebook, on the other hand, allows you to connect with a global consumer market and choose your target market in only just a matter of few clicks, and at highly affordable prices.


Facebook offers a whole range of pricing packages that allow effective and efficient budgeting.




The Strategy

The key is to choose eye-catching images, promising phrases and desired products/services that instantly grab the attention of your consumers and do not let go until they have become well aware of your business and are tempted to avail your services.


Furthermore, you can provide discounts and special promotions to boost your sales, and your Facebook page will also act as an effective platform to generate audience for the launch and promotion for new ad campaigns and products.

How Does it Work?

When you are surfing through Facebook, you see all those boxes to the right of your profile that are ads and links to several pages run by different and diverse product and service oriented business, and the companies behind these ads have specifically chosen you as their target customer, hence, the ad appears on your home page.


Facebook allows business a whole host of wide and diverse information, filters and categories to effectively advertise their product to the exact target market that they have in mind, for instance, Facebook allows you to examine which users like what specific activities and products, their age groups, their genders and other information that aids you in selecting your target consumer market and directing your advertisement campaign at them. 


Putting it All Together

The Facebook search has become such a common browsing option for the social public that its wide and common use has even surpassed the usage of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In fact, the truth is, according to the widely circulating and shocking video, Social Media Revolution, Facebook actually generates more traffic than Google!


Even if you’re searching on Google, you are likely to type in some of the keywords of what you’re looking for just to see what results Facebook can present you with. And Facebook never disappoints, its extensive online library has link ads, pages, groups, forums, events and application that link thousands of business, both product and service oriented, with millions of consumers all over the world, every day.

Real Success Stories

You can read some pretty amazing Facebook success stories from real people, from micro-businesses that launched out of a garage, or individuals who used it to raise awareness about their cause.