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Our customers have become the driving force behind our growth, thanks to our customer loyalty, referrals & our fanatical customer support.

Autozone experienced a 21% organic traffic boost, 15.7% more calls from local customers, and over 54% more online signups and the numbers are still climbing.

...iExperts Media increased our traffic by 30% in the first 5-6 months with an additional 12% more page views

“downloads grew by 30% in the first month alone!”
“monumental work and they simply aced it”
Nike Shockwave
“our online signups grew by 19% in only 3 months”
MMA Junkie
“Sal is one of the few consultants that's worth his fee”
“iExperts Media is great at turning visitors into signups”
Our expectations have been exceeded by the SEO and Social Media marketing team at iexperts media marketing.  Our phone calls, jumper requests have grown from 10 per week, to 60 in 3 short months...
We have been working with Salvador and his company iExperts Media Marketing for a few months now, and we couldn't be any more satisfied with his work! He has designed our Web Page in a way we would have ever imagined as a Bounce House company, and his SEO has already shown to be as effective as he said it would be. We look forward to working with Salvador for years to come and would recommend him to anybody.
The site we had before was limited and did nothing for our online presence. We contracted iExperts Media as we were looking for a san diego seo company that would actually deliver on their promise. Our experience for the past 5 months has been a very positive one and everything that we have been told, from the service to results have all been fulfilled as promised. Highly recommend iexperts media marketing as your SEO company.

We Used SEO to Drive

100,000 visitors to


iExperts Media Reviews

Our initial technique consisted on ensuring that all of the site's 245,000+ images obtained the proper dimensions, quality, image size optimization, alt, name & description attributes.  This alone contributed to a 15% traffic increase!

Customer Case Studies

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When Raven Coats saw a sudden drop in traffic, they called us in to take a peek.  Three months later the site not only regained it's former traffic volume, we managed to increase it by a whooping 46%!