Online Lead

An average website has a sales conversion of 1% to 2%.   
Instead hard selling to your visitors, you should be capturing leads.

What is Online Lead Generation?

Online or Website-baed Lead generation is a fundamental activity for website which do not involve online sales or a long-buying process.  For example, sale of a B2B service or a complex or high-value consumer item.  


You can also say that transactional sites also involve lead-generation - this is the initial conversion to engaging visitors to the site and encouraging them to start purchase by adding an item to their basket.


Defining Leads

There are basically two types of online lead generation: search engine based lead generation where prospects find your website on search engines by performing searches – or without the help of any advertisement.  And paid online lead generation – where you are paying (AdWords, Bing, Facebook pay per click, per impression, etc.) to drive search engine, social media and even email readers to your website.


In other words, you can acquire online leads with SEO with paid advertising.

Prioritizing Leads

We understand that not every lead you receive is the right lead.  This is why we implement lead "filters" to ensure that you acquire more qualified leads.  For some businesses, web forms are completely useless and depend entirely on phone consultations, while others would clearly prefer online leads.  


Our approach is to simply greatly increase the volume of both types of leads while increasing their qualification status, so that you spend more time closing the sale, than on qualifying the lead.

Qualified Lead
Generation Services

Purchased leads are the worse types of leads because they remove the most important element from the acquisition and nurturing process, "you".

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Online Lead Generation Analysis

When you perform a web analysis it is often possible to deduce a trend on the nature of visits that are made to a website. On most occasions, leads do not often translate into sales and a good analysis will tell you the obstacles faced when trying to achieve a conversion.  This is best achieved if presented in a dashboard format that allows all the data analysis to be viewed from one platform. This is how marketing automation has revolutionized how people conduct business and make analysis of which areas they need to improve on for better and consistent revenues. 


With the reality that internet marketing is gaining popularity among internet business community, the pressure to excel cannot be underestimated. The competition on the internet too is a dynamic force that changes from every now and then. It is important therefore to invest in a strategy like lead generation that guarantees high returns on investment.






Lead Management

This version of automated software is meant to analyze the success of different approaches to increasing the sales and conversion rates of a business. If you would want to find out which keywords are bringing in the most visits in to a website, then the lead management software is what to use. This will determine which keywords can be modified for optimal use or which keywords can be dropped altogether because of their low leads.


If it is now possible to view how clients behave on a website, it is also possible to influence their behavior on certain sites leading to more business. The dashboard that summarizes the data collected from the activities of a certain site can be manipulated to focus on certain areas like date and traffic source. Junk entries that have no consequence to the overall performance of a business can often be deleted so that they do not corrupt the integrity of data.

Online Lead Generation Automation

There is need to adopt the use of the latest technology available at a cost that is lower than what was budgeted for in conventional marketing strategies. The use of online marketing automation creates a platform that provides the potential to develop a strong online presence. It is the projection of every business professional that their products will be so popular that they will at some point make sales without much publicity.


This is the dawn of this kind of thinking because with internet market automation uses software to achieve sales. Implementing a marketing campaign is just as important as knowing how effective it is over time and what is needed to make it even better. It may not be possible to gather data from all corners of the internet at ones using manual means but use of automated systems can provides this data for action. From the generated reports, it is possible to view the history and behavior of customers in relation to the sales of a certain product. This makes it accurate to project future trends and develop area specific approaches to increasing business. The two most popular and functional software applications are designed to manage leads and track the activities of a business.



Lead Tracking

With competition being very high, it is often of interest to be able to see which companies have been snooping around your website. The number of times that a certain company has viewed certain pages of another company helps to know what lengths competitors would go to better themselves. Competition is healthy because it helps businesses to improve but how much better is it if the software can share the name of webpages visited and for how long they were viewed.


If there was ever a way of tapping into the mind of the businesses you compete with, then this software offers the opportunity to do so. What is even more interesting is the fact that you can now know the locality of the person who is searching through the content in your site. Getting the right professional ability to handle the marketing automation needs of your business is the first step needed in achieving high returns on an online business. The automation packages offered depends on how much work is required and the amount of time needed to turn around the business using the feedback provided.

Qualified Traffic
Qualified Leads

We don't just turn your website into a lead generation powerhouse, we help you nurture your leads, too.

Achieve more qualified leads

For businesses that rely entirely on online marketing, there can be more detailed and advanced strategies which you can be implemented to make your business successful. Marketing automation consultation is what new online businesses need to step into a bright future. The consultation is aimed at familiarizing oneself with the options open to you depending on the size and direction of the business.


The use of the dashboard feature is important tin viewing the summarized data of all activities that took place within a website. If a link was clicked on, a certain keyword as used to reach a site and which social media post was followed, all this and much more information in line to these activities will be available to work upon.

Nurture your leads

There is often a process that is needed to get the best out of marketing automation. Just like any other major project, it requires a plan, time and money. If marketing automation is in aligned to your current of future business goals, then the earlier it can be started the better. Businesses that have taken the initiative of using marketing automation systems can now reap the benefits of accurate and timely data analysis. To better be informed of what is happening as far as data analysis is concerned, there are options of how and when notifications can be sent for analysis.


There is therefore needed to be consistent so that the feedback can be allowed to form a trend from which more business can be generated. With lead generation you can choose to either receive notifications on a weekly or monthly basis or a time that is convenient to your schedule.