Magento SEO Services

We will take your Magento eCommerce website to new higher levels of rankings and traffic. Period.

Advanced Assessment

Magento requires a multitude of SEO related configurations in order to avoid the typical duplicate content issues that are plaguing magento stores today.  Our Magento SEO experts will eliminate all duplication errors and penalties from your store.

We will enhance your eCommerce site to achieve absolute Google Mobile Friendliness compliance, become fully responsive, enhance website coding to achieve a higher degree of both mobile loading speed and performance, across all mobile devices and tablets.

eCommerce Rankings

We configure over 14 different options in order to properly enhance your Magento eCommerce store pages, categories and products for independent rankings, while applying our unique set of search engine related improvements to safe guard it against indexing errors and thin-content penalties.

The Most Advanced 
Magento SEO

We've optimized over 1,000 magento stores and performed over 10,000 hours of product ranking A/B testing.

How our Magento SEO Service is Performed

Phase 1

eCommerce Store Review

We will dissect your website completely to discover the needed best practices in SEO, User Internet and User Experience designs that will make your eCommerce Magento store successfully sell products on the web.




Mobile/Responsive Assessment

We will conduct an exhaustive mobile and responsive assessment of your website.  This will allow our team to identify the trouble areas as far as coding, scripting, and other elements that could be troublesome for both search engines and users alike.  

Crawling & Indexing Analysis

Our team will analyze the technical aspect of your website's design, navigation, categorization and product listing witting the search engine indexing ecosystem.  This will allow us to identify potential bottlenecks that are limiting the search engine's to properly crawl and index your website.



Speed & Performance Review

A website's loading and performance are a fundamental ranking factor.  If your website does not load under 3 seconds, we will apply our unique mix of loading and performance enhancements that will pass even the most demanding of speed tests.

Penalty Assessment 

Your entire eCommerce store will undergo a rigorous penalty assessment in order to identify any duplication, thin content, link building and coding issues that may hinder your website's ranking potential.  Our tests show that 8 out of 10 stores that we review have some sort of duplicate content, crawling and indexing issues.

User Interface Review

Our magento developers will review your website's coding and compare to magento's coding best practices for an optimum user interface that not only entices your visitors to say, but also to facilitate navigation, access and buying.

Phase 2

Categories & Product Keyword Research

Our keyword selection process focuses on employing a keyword strategy that follows the user though the buying funnel.  Rather than simply targeting broad keyword for specific pages, we implement a keyword strategy that runs in parallel with your visitors intent.

On-Page Optimization Strategy

Because we deploy our Magento Certified Developers and Magento SEO experts to work on your website, the on-page (public) SEO work performance has no equal.  Not only is every piece of your website's front end carefully analyzed, it's compared against the most successful brands and A/B tested.

Content Creation

Our Magento SEO optimization work is effective because we remove all of the common magento SEO issues that are plaguing eCommerce sites today, by creating and implementing perfectly written content for your pages, categories and product descriptions.  We've created over 20,000 product descriptions and well over 80% of those have resulted in higher, product-specific search engine rankings, consistently.

We've discovered that 7 out of every 10 Magento sites we've worked on never used a blog and never promoted their products.  Our content writers are highly proficient in the art of blogging to focuses on services and product promotion through content marketing and of course, blogging.

Social Media

Promotion is paramount to a products susceptibility to sell well on the web.  If you are not spreading the word about your products on social media properly, you are missing out on a potential medium that will generate buzz, recommend your products and drive revenue.  iExperts Media has no equal when it comes to product promotion on social media.