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Mobile Advertising and Marketing

Mobile advertising is always confused with mobile billboards although they are absolutely different. Mobile billboards or mobile billboard advertising refers to advertising where the ad is placed on a mobile vehicle as a billboard or digital media and then moved around different locations. Mobile advertising on the other hand refers to the relaying of products and/or services to mobile phone devices.


Over the years, as mobile phones became more and more accessible to individuals all around the world, and their business potential grew, more and more businesses realized the need and potential of mobile advertising and took it up as a medium of advertisement. It has undoubtedly grown and its potential keeps on increasing meaning that more businesses are integrating their marketing techniques to include mobile advertising.


Types of mobile advertisements

Depending on who you ask, you may get varied responses for the types of mobile advertisement. We have however come up with a way of incorporating almost all the answers that you can expect to get in this article. The answers you should expect are mostly dependent on the mode of delivery of the ad and the outlook of the ad itself. We have therefore categorized the types as follows;


  • By mode of delivery
  1. Mobile Web

These refers to the mobile ads are accessible through the mobile browsers. Once you visit a website through your mobile phone, and encounter an ad, then it falls under this category.


  1. MMS and SMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Short Message Service (SMS) mobile ads are ads that are delivered via direct message to your phone. MMS ads are usually more complex and more preferred since they offer a whole lot more interaction with the ad, through media such as images and videos, as opposed to SMS ads which are just text ads.


  1. Mobile Application Ads

These refer to ads that are delivered through the applications installed into the mobile device. The ad is usually embedded into the app and can either display while the app opens, while the app is running or when the app is closed. These are usually the most type of mobile ads that are being used by businesses, especially software businesses.


  • By the outlook of the add
  1. Banner advertisements

A banner ad is as it sounds. It is usually a banner carrying the advertisement information placed at the top, bottom or side of the content being viewed. They arr designed to be conspicuous and draw attention. Usually, banner ads are delivered through mobile web, MMS and mobile app adverting. They are relatively easy to design and deliver and are the cheapest mobile ads by comparison.


  1. Native advertisements

Native ads are ads that are designed to integrate within the content being viewed. Native ads are usually designed to mimic or copy the format of the content so that their appeal lies not in how conspicuous they are but in how similar they are to the content. Usually delivered through mobile web and mobile app advertising and they are relatively more complex to design and deliver making them a little more expensive than banner ads but still relatively cheaper than the other ads.


  1. Video advertisements

These are videos that are integrated into the content and designed to play when the content is viewed. They are designed to demand interaction with the mobile user. They can be delivered through mobile web, MMS, SMS - through a link to the video on the web and through mobile application advertising. Relatively easy to design and deliver and are therefore relatively cheap though they are still a little more expensive than banner ads.


  1. Interstitial advertisements

Interstitial ads are ads that are designed to cover the whole screen. They offer the user a whole lot more interaction with the ad by utilizing mobile features such as tilting, rotating and swiping among others. They are delivered through applications and are more expensive than all the above since they feature a more complex design and delivery system.


  1. Rich-media advertisements

These ads are usually the most expensive when it comes to mobile advertisement. They incorporate two or more of the above ads and feature a whole lot more media and user interaction. Delivered either via applications or mobile web.

Advantages of Mobile Advertising

Advantages of mobile advertisement over other methods of advertisement


  • Increased accessibility

Mobile phones are available worldwide. This means that an individual using mobile advertisement has a very high population to which the ad can reach. Compared to television and radio advertisement for instance, mobile advertising is not limited to frequency or location and it is available to anyone and everyone with a device that can access the ad delivery method.


  • Cost effectiveness

Mobile advertisements as compared to other ads are way more affordable and budget friendly. From their design to their delivery as well as running costs, mobile ads provide the cheapest alternative in advertising.


  • Easier targeting

Ad targeting has become a very huge aspect of advertisement as it improves reception of the ad and increases conversion rates. Mobile advertising provides greater and improved ad targeting. For instance, you can target your ad by location, demographics, phone type and even interest - for instance gaming ads can be delivered through game apps.


  • Greater convenience

Mobile phones are the most convenient mode of communication around. This is a benefit for those using or planning to use mobile advertisements. People have become accustomed to checking their phones on a very regular basis which means that it is very difficult for the individual to miss the ad. This provides a convenience for ads that are specifically targeted and most especially those that are time sensitive. Also, features such as push notifications increase the convenience levels considerably.



Using mobile advertisements is the smart move for businesses with an online presence. Always familiarize yourself with the type of ad that you intend to use depending on how you want it delivered to the mobile users and how you want it to look and your budget for the ad. The benefits of mobile advertising over other modes of advertising are many and bound to provide the edge that is needed in the extremely competitive market.