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Traffic Volume is not Profit Volume

Organic SEO refers to methods used to obtain high ranking on search engine results, not through paid advertising, but on-page content using algorithm-driven material addressing the ratings of a given search engine. Boosting keywords, backlinks, and high-quality, original content can all be considered organic SEO. The term "organic" means that a website's SEO, like any living thing, should grow, adapt, and respond to both visitor needs and search engine rating factors.

Black hat SEO, however, would be frowned-upon methods such as keyword stuffing and link farming. But those could also be considered organic SEO. Black hat SEO may give a boost in rankings, but should a search engine recognize that these tactics are being used by your site, it may get banned from listing altogether, which means rankings and viewership suffer.

We Focus on Increasing Revenue

It seems that most SEOs and Agencies out here, set out to convince Google, and not your customers, that you are the right choice.  The use of keyword stuffing and similar tactics is also detectable by human readers, giving the impression that your site's content is low quality and more interested in SEO than in a good user experience. This perception of low quality will further reduce traffic.  Our specialists in organic SEO San Diego can show you what to avoid.


If your approach to your website's SEO is purely based on rankings, you will be very disappointed.  High volume keyword rankings are the worse possible return on investment metric.  If you really want to increase your business bottom line, you need to focus on your customers, not Google.

Can you define your ideal customer?  Very few business owners can, and to make matters worse, they don't understand how their own customers go about searching the web for the products and services they are looking for.  So, the questions to ask are: "what else is your customers searching for? and "what else do they use to describe this problem"?


Today most agencies sell your the idea that rankings are the path to profit and revenue, but that is simply not true.  In the world of SEO, true SEO professionals have a deep understanding how what people really search for, because they spent hours researching all of the possible keyword combinations that your ideal customers make.  

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Organic SEO tips
1. Make sure you use strong URLs. This means that your page URL should contain one of the related keyword terms on that page. In WordPress these are called Permalinks.

2. Consider marketing funnels. Funnels are pages that give your readers successive bits of info by following clear, fast links. This takes advantage of the fact that the deeper into your site hierarchy a user goes, the better the search engines like it. Just don't over do it; usually after three or four levels it's time to introduce your call to action (CTA) and tell the user specifically what you'd like them to do.

3. Use social media. Users love it, and so do search engines, especially Google. They want to see those social media links, see your Facebook feed or Instagram photos. They know you care about site and personal interaction and are a believer in networking. All this increases the value of your site. Best of all, social media pages are free.

4. The right keyword density. Have a good balance of keywords sprinkled through your content, but not too many or grouped too closely - otherwise it will look like keyword stuffing. Finding the right keywords isn't always easy, but an organic SEO San Diego firm could narrow it down.

5. Link to videos. Google owns YouTube, so get a YouTube channel that will filter into your site. At least, take the trouble to find some good YouTube videos related to your offer and embed the links to them in your pages. Keep them to a couple minutes or less, or they may bet bored, but when it comes to analytics, these video-watchers are spending several minutes at a time on your site, and that looks great to the search engines.

That's a start, but competition for SEO rankings is fierce, because every single site owner out there would love to show up at the top spot on Google for every keyword, and stay there. An organic SEO San Diego marketing company can help give your site the edge in an uphill battle.

In addition to web content, you've got to think about connecting with all those mobile users, while worrying about reviews, comments, and more. Covering every aspect of site management can be a huge task.

Our expert organic SEO San Diego company helps drive website traffic by making the most of your content. Contact us to learn how you can turn one of your biggest headaches into one of your biggest advantages.

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