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Why Outsource Your Business Reputation Management?

In a world where a wealth of information is publicly available about both individuals and businesses with just a few keystrokes, protecting your online reputation has become more important than ever.


At one time, the worst thing businesses and individuals in the public eye had to fear was "bad press," but the good news was that as soon as something juicier came along, the news would also move along. These days, however, search results don't change until you do something to change them. Here are three times when you might need to look at hiring a reputation management firm.

When disgruntled customers or former employees decide to smear your good name

As much as we seem to love the phrase "the customer is always right," this is not always the case. The world is full of unscrupulous people that will try to take advantage of businesses and may become angered if they fail. Background checks don't screen for everything, so even the most careful employers frequently find themselves with problem employees that make it through even the most careful vetting process.


When they cause problems and you need to let them go, they too may turn to online resources to try and take revenge. The problem with the anonymous nature of the internet is that vengeful customers or former employees can make claims that thousands of people may see without having any means - or motivation - to verify the information. A good reputation management company can help scrub out negative comments that are made unfairly from some of the most visible websites.

Deal With Disgruntled Customers

When competitors try and play dirty

While we would all love to live in a world where friendly competition and fair play rule the day, this is not always the case. There are times when unscrupulous competitors may take to the internet to try and either level the playing field or wipe you out of the game entirely. A good reputation management firm can help you get your good name back from unruly competitors that may try and destroy your reputation.

3.) When your personal life becomes public

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, thousands of innocent men and women suddenly found their most sensitive and private information on display for all the world to see.


Public officials, University professors and numerous other individuals in both the public and private sector suddenly found themselves in the glare of the public spotlight, with little to no advance warning whatsoever. In the wake of the scandal, a number of online reputation management firms sprang into action to help both private and public citizens to not only restore their online reputations, but also to help restore the privacy of their personal and private information. Between the Ashley Madison hack, the Sony hack and a number of other high profile hacks, it is clear that personal information shared online is no longer 100% secure.

Be Proactive not Reactive

The sad reality is that these days most of us conduct a great deal of business on the internet of both a public and personal nature and everyone has the right to a certain degree of privacy in these matters. Regardless of whether you are a public figure or a private individual, protecting your online reputation is still of the utmost importance.
These days it's not just customers and consumers that find out what the internet has to say before engaging the services of a business or individual, but employers are also conducting online searches in regards to potential future employees. Whatever your business and whatever your needs - personal or private - it's always a good idea to keep the information of a good online manager at the ready at all times. You just never know when disaster might strike.

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