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Our San Diego PPC Experts will help you join the top 3% Capturing Sales from PPC Advertising
- and Outsmart 97% of your competitors.


Our Pay Per Click services are affordable and highly effective.  There are no contracts or monthly minimums & we'll build converting landing pages, integrate lead/call conversion tracking - the whole nine yards.

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Launch Your New PPC Campaign

Every business needs to finds customers and every customer is looking to buy from a business.  With varying degrees of effectiveness, solutions have included phone solicitations, email marketing, billboards, etc - all designed to connect consumers and advertisers at the moment they are looking for each other.  With a properly built ppc campaign, you can make your brand or service known to your target market, create interest, and accumulate sales.


The first step to any pay per click campaign is to send traffic to your website by bidding on relevant keywords.  The goal is of course, to increase the amount of traffic your website receives, while maintaining the Cost Per Click down.  Not every visitor your receive as a result of a ppc campaign will convert, this is why we conduct a thorough keyword research to select the best converting keywords that your customer use.


A successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign demands more than setting up a budget and creating an ad.  If you really want your campaign to drive money to your wallet, you better think twice about going the cheap route here - because what you save in ppc management fees, you end up paying in wasted budget.  We have over a dozen customers that can attest to that fact.

Effective Budget Management

Campaign budget management is more than "monitoring" your daily spent limit - the goal is to acquire highly relevant clicks at a low cost per click, consistently.  A profitable bid strategy is a must for any successful pay per click campaign, whether it be AdWords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads Advertising.


If you do not care to understand the "why" behind the keywords you select, match those keywords with your visitor's "intent", and then convince that visitor to buy from you with a properly designed high converting landing page, the campaign will simply fail.  Every single click you receive is money being spent and if you do not pay attention to areas of your campaign that really make a difference, you end up wasting money, plain and simple.  The greater the disconnect between the keywords you select and the intent of the user typing it in search engines, the more you spend and the less profitable your campaign becomes.


Our ultimate goal is to make drive qualified visitors from your ppc campaign, that result in an increase of leads, phone calls or sales.  We keep the cost per click in check and then we work focus on applying the best practices to lower it, consistently so that you acquire more customers for less.

Excellence in
PPC Management

We're most than just AdWords & Bing Ads Certified, we have over 25,000 hours invested in Ad A/B testing, keyword research with 10 years of experience.

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As the leading San Diego PPC Management Agency, we measure our results by the revenue you make, period.

The basics of PPC Advertising are not difficult to understand; the principles have been the same ever since people started looking for information.  By referring back to the fundamentals of how people use search engines, you keep your Pay Per Click efforts aligned with the searcher, which can bring long-term success to your company.


Your potential customers are the ones that matter

We are a San Diego PPC Agency that understands very well that it's essential to look beyond the numbers and consider the individuals sitting at their anonymous keywords conducting the searches.  While numbers tell the story of your marketing, it is the actual people who can make your advertising profitable.


Leading San Diego PPC 
Management Agency

We can create an individual PPC campaign in AdWords, or run an integrated
AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads simultaneously.

AdWords Pay Per Click Management

A successful AdWords Advertising Campaign not only requires a crafty, Google Certified and highly experienced team of PPC specialists, it required careful research, monitoring, and constant improvements to achieve the desired goals.  Not only are we an AdWords Certified Partner, but have a 10-year track record & experience to building and launching complex campaigns in 48 hours.  You can now worry more about acquiring customers, than acquiring leads.

Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads represents a great opportunity for any business or professional that wants to reduce the level of completion clearly evident with AdWords PPC Advertising.  It also offers low cost-per-click (CPC) and has several other features currently non-existent with AdWords, that allow advertising create better and smarter campaigns.  We provide you with a team of highly experienced and Bing Ads Certified specialists that will take your campaign to a whole new level of PPC opportunities. 

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads provides you extremely targeted Pay Per Click campaigns right now to an executives's preferred socks color.  Facebook Ads provides with access to billions of people that spend over 3-5 hours every day on Facebook.  We can setup a highly targeted Facebook Ads Campaign so that you can increase your reach, build brand recognition, get calls, leads or sales.




Pay Per Click Audits

We've seen that 8 out of every 10 campaigns we audit are either spending money on irrelevant keywords, lack proper negative keywords, the ads compete with each other, have low quality scores, incorrectly use landing pages, and a myriad of other issues that are heavily detrimental to the campaign's performance.  Our PPC Auditors start by ensuring your are not loosing money, and focus on adding the necessary elements to eliminate that immediately.  Once the campaign is safe guarded against useless spending, we perform high-level campaign optimization.

ppc san diego san diego ppc management

iExpert Media San Diego Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click Advertising in Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads is the fastest and most controllable way to get your site in front of interested buyers and because you pay per click, it is easy to control the budget you want to spend and easily measure the return on investment from your ppc campaign.  We've mastered the following areas that create successful Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Proper Ad Copy
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • CPC Reduction
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Landing Pages Design
  • Landing Page A/B Testing

No PPC Account Autopilot

This is were iExperts Media San Diego PPC Management Service stands on its own, because we truly dedicate ourselves to the consistent optimization of your campaign on a daily basis.  Our main goal is for your to receive the results you are looking for, and we will go above and beyond to ensure our ppc management services meets and exceeds your expectations.