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Did you know that 20% of the queries Google receives each day are ones they haven't seen in at least 90 days, if at all?

Keywords are the foundation of a successful AdWords, Bing Ads or Facebook Advertising campaign.  When your PPC campaign has a keyword that matches a searcher's query, your ad could show up in the search engine results page.  However, if you simply go after the keywords your competitors are bidding on and you do not pay attention to buyer behavior and buying trends of your customers, you will deplete your campaign's budget very quickly and you will deem your ppc campaign a failure.

Just like in research, not all keywords are created equal.  Some keywords will have high search volume with high competition, whereas other will have small search volume with lesser competition.  Some keywords will have high conversion rates, and other will provide low quality traffic and will consume your budget.  Choosing the "correct" keywords for your business is the first step to advertising with any PPC campaign.



Understanding the Buying Funnel Phases allow you to understand your visitor's intent.  There are five stages to the buying funnel.


The searcher discover your site.


The searcher examines your product or service


The searcher remains in your site.


The searchers learns more about your product or service.

5. BUY

The searcher now converts unto a buyer and makes a purchase.

Keywords are thoughts put into words


Understanding where a keyword falls in the buying cycle can help signal where your customer is within the buying process.  That way, we can ensure that your Ad and landing page match your customer's shopping phase.


This seems to be the Achilles heel of every PPC campaign we have examined; keywords are often broad in nature and fall in either the last phase of the buying funnel or are completely irrelevant to the user's intent.

You have to be found first


Awareness leads off the top of the funnel.  If consumers do not know about your products or services, they can never buy from your website.  Our job as PPC Experts is to make sure that your customers know that your product or service exist.  


At this stage of the buying funnel, we craft your ad so that it shouts from the rooftops that your product or service exists, and that its the perfect match for what they are looking for.


The buying funnel is different for every business.  It is important to examine your company to determine how people find their information, make their decisions, and finally engage companies within your industry.

Single word VS Long Tail Keyword Searches


Single-word searches make up roughly 20 percent of the search volume in the United States.  However, search queries that are five or more words in length make up nearly 20 percent of the search volume as well.


Single word keywords are mostly broad, have high traffic volume, high competition, and high Cost Per Click bids.   We've examined hundreds of campaigns and we have discovered that despite the former agency's certifications and experience, most of the budget was allocated to keywords that where broad and that resulted on a complete waste of advertising dollar. 

Long Tail Keywords


Long tail keywords consist of three or more words, have low search volume, low competition but have the highest conversion rates ever recorded. 


Each year, the number of words used in search queries grows.  As the general search population starts to search with more words, the popularity of two-and three-word keywords will grow as well.  Search engines have gained people's confidence to a point that search engine users have been accustomed to search using very specific phrases consisting of several words.


Negative keywords are filtering words.  Thus of of keyword stops your ad from being displayed on a search result page.  If you have a phrase and broad match keywords in your account and some of the variations do not have good conversion rates, we use a negative keyword to stop your ad from showing on s search result and generating waste.

When our PPC Experts add the right negative keywords to your campaign, some specific things should happen:

  • Your click-through rate should increase.  Since we are now choosing to stop your ad from showing on irrelevant search queries, the times your ad is shown should be more relevant and this gain a higher click-through rate.
  • Your conversion rate should increase.  Because you are now only showing your ad for queries relevant to your product or service and are not being matched to more obscure words that are not directly reflective of your offerings, you should see your conversion rate go up.
  • Your cost per conversion should decrease.  Since negative keywords keep your ad from displayed on less relevant results, when you do receive clicks, those clicks should of a higher quality and lower your overall cost per conversion.

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