Landing Page Optimization

Over 90% of PPC advertisers are doing it wrong. They setup their campaigns to make their PPC Ads sell - jumping ahead in the sales funnel, but that is what landing pages are used for.

PPC Campaigns fail mostly because their primary focus lies on the technicalities of the campaign itself, and completely disregard the searcher's intent and landing page attributes that convert searchers into buyers.

Campaign Structure

This is the first step into the development of your campaign's strategy.  Here you select the keywords, specify your demographics and target locations amongst other things.

Ad Copy

You then create Ads that capture the searcher's attention and obtain clicks.  Creating the best Ads requires expertise and analysis to be overly selective on the clicks you receive.

Landing Pages

Here is where you have the chance to convince the searcher to complete a desired action; submit their credit card information, complete a form, download a file etc.

Landing pages that convert searchers into buyers

Where should you send a searcher after they click your Ad?  Most select the homepage but this is rarely the best place.  You have several options, and choosing the correct one will ensure that the visitor does not just view your website but becomes engaged with it as well.


First impressions last a lifetime, and that fact is just as true for websites as it is for people.  If your website is trustworthy, mobile-friendly, loads fast, and easy to use, it makes a good first impression.

From a click to a purchase

The path from ad click to conversion must be frictionless—the steps that the searchers need to take from start to finish.  


At iExperts Media we are very thoughtful about user psychology, always trying to fully understanding how audiences respond to each touch point in the conversion funnel.  Rather than focusing on keywords and Ads alone, we examine the searcher's intent and where does it fall in the conversion funnel. 

We choose Landing Pages Based on the Type of Query

To best determine a landing page, you need to understand the three main types of keyword queries:

Transactional Query - Transactional queries are those in which there is an intent to buy. These are often called commercial searches.

Informational Query - Informational queries, or noncommercial queries, are those in which the searcher is looking for a specific piece of information, or is trying to learn more about a specific item or concept.

Navigational Query -  Navigational queries are those in which the searcher is just trying to navigate to a specific website or web page.  There is often only one satisfactory result for the user.  This type of query might be "Amazon laptop shipping information."  In this case, the user wants to find one specific page on Amazon website, and the other results hold little interest for the searcher.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy Website Landing Page Optimization for PPC Campaigns

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You're a bad judge of your website

This is unfortunately a true statement for almost all marketers.  You know that the big red button is a link that takes someone to the subscription page.  You know that the images are not linked and that clicking on them will not let you see a larger image or take you to that product or service page.  You know that your phone number is buried in your banner-like header.  You already know how your website works and would even claim that it's all packed with common sense and logic. The problem is that you expect your visitors to know your website as well as you do.


Ask the person next to you to perform an action on your website

What we've seen is that once you ask a coworker, a friend or a complete stranger to do the same action, you soon realize that they all have their own way of achieving the same result.  Some will click on that image without a hyperlink thinking it will send them to the page they want, others will click on the red button to learn more before they make their decision, and others will simply try to find the phone number you have buried in your page to contact you directly.  Our analysts have discovered that 8 out of 10 websites that we've examined over the past 10 years, have way to much friction during the conversion process.

The "Thank You" Page

Thank you pages are essential and they may be the least effectively utilized page on the entire internet.  These pages are essential because they communicate with your customer that an action has been completed.  Unfortunately, this page is often used to get rid of people, rather than to keep them engaged.

What does a thank you page usually say to your visitor?

  • Thank you for shopping with us.  You will receive an email with your shipping confirmation.  Now go away.
  • Thank you for contacting us.  We will get back to your within 24 hours.  We're done with you until we have time to call you back.
  • Thank you for downloading our ebook.  Enjoy reading our hard work. We hope you come back one day.

Of all the countless thank you pages we've optimized, roughly 3% percent of these made an excellent use of it.  Most of these thank you pages have been consciously designed as a place where the visitor stops interacting with the website!  There are much better ways to make use of these pages, and we've have the data to prove it.


Effective Local SEO Solutions Website Landing Page Optimization for PPC Campaigns

Track your visitor's footsteps

Many analytics programs have a reverse goal path report and yet, most marketers and business owners we've worked with have never even heard of it let alone use it.


This type of report shows you the different pages that someone visited before completing an action.  By examining the reserve goal path report, you can gain insight into how your visitors are navigating your website, during which phase conversion funnel do they leave etc.

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