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Understanding SEO

SEO exists because Google uses an algorithm to sort websites on results pages for searches. It does this because the company wants to put the websites it thinks are most valuable for the user at the top where they will get the most clicks. This keeps Google competitive as the best search engine while also giving them a place to sell ads.


The algorithm measures each site for a variety of features and attributes, then puts the best-scoring ones at the top. That means web designers can tap into what the algorithm prioritizes when they create websites. This practice is the core of SEO: designing a website so that it appeals to Google's algorithm. The rewards to being in the top few sites are enormous.


The first three draw the vast majority of traffic. In addition, mobile users get a special info pane for the top three, with the ability to see more information and call the business with one tap. There are massive benefits to being in the top three and then the number one spot gets a huge share of traffic for that keyword, so obtaining and maintaining a top three spot is a major SEO goal.

Can you handle SEO Pressure?

As you can imagine, SEO work is both complex and technical. That means it takes a long time to learn best practices, understand the theory, and implement it to different cases. It is very easy to make your ranking worse by making bad design decisions, and Google releases occasional updates to its algorithm too, which makes it even harder to stay abreast of the most cutting-edge developments.


A San Diego search engine optimization company can do the work for you, analyzing your website and your customers to decide on the best way to modify your design. This process is long and involved, but the more SEO experience the company has, the less time it will take. SEO is not just a one-off set of modifications, either.

Focus on Business Growth

As the business grows and as Google continues to change its algorithm, there is always more SEO work to do. Whether that means making the site design mobile-responsive or getting it listed onto local listings sites, SEO is always part of a larger campaign. That adds to its effects, because the work has an overarching strategy and theme to keep it unified.

SEO is a major element in how quickly your business can rise up from lover ranks. Once you are in the top slot and getting lots of visitors, your San Diego search engine optimization company can also work with you to turn those visitors into customers. The more visitors you get and the more of them you convert, the better your revenue will become.

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