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I have a proven process I've used to increase revenue for over 500 businesses, consistently.


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I am Salvador Frutos and I am the Lead Digital Marketer and Senior San Diego SEO Expert at iExperts Media Marketing. I work with a team of five highly-skilled individuals in all aspects of Internet Marketing & Web Design and together we've have generated over $790,000 in revenue for our clients in 2015.

I bring over 13 years of SEO, PPC, Social Media & Web Design Experience and have over 20 different certifications for AdWords, Bing Ads, HubSpot, Doubleclick and many others. I have trained over forty SEO, PPC, and SMM specialists during my 10+ career as a Senior Internet Marketing Manager.  My main focus is consumers, and how we can use SEO to achieve higher and profitable search engine placements to increase revenue.

I'm a San Diego SEO Consultant

I have a proven ability to analyze and implement comprehensive SEO, PPC & Social Media strategies as well as plan campaigns that result in notable increased unique site visitors for greater digital search engine exposure, extended customer reach, leads, and sales.


My SEO expertise starts in driving highly profitable traffic to websites, establishing business mentions, marketing & consulting all of which contributes to substantial revenue growth for my clients.  

I work with independent professionals and contractors, small business owners and fortune 500 companies that want to make their presence profitable on the web.  I also provide training to in-house techs or administrative assistants that which to gain control over the social media management tasks.

Proven Track-Record

Prior to launching iExperts Media Marketing, I spent over 8 years training teams of internet marketing specialists, SEO and AdWords account executives, and social media account managers for more than a dozen companies across the United States, Colombia and Mexico, in two different languages.  


My track record as a San Diego SEO Consultant includes over 740,000 in generated revenue for my clients, over 100 #1 keyword rankings for an excess of 300 independent contractors, small businesses and fortune 500 companies.  From mom and pop micro-sized businesses in the plumbing sector, to leading auto part stores such as AutoZone and Kragen. 


I've also designed and executed more than 300 SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing campaigns since 2003 that resulted in a notable 75% increase in revenue by achieving more customer calls, web leads and eCommerce sales.

Bilingual SEO Expert

The ability to speak and write both English and Spanish fluently, has provided me with the opportunity to execute internet marketing strategies for my clients for two customer demographics.  With the implementation of well planned marketing strategies across integrated digital marketing channels, I've multiplied my client's sales exponentially for over a decade.


As an SEO Expert who's obsessed with making my clients profitable from the web, I've spent over 50,000 hours every year to remain current in cutting-edge technology and strategies by attending leading marketing conventions across United States and the United Kingdom.  


My ultimate goal is to make professionals and business owners with internet marketing services that focus on increasing revenue and profit. Period.


Customer Reviews

iExperts Media SEO Testimonial san diego seo expert
Danny Vesisaari

Our old marketing company was not producing the results it had in the beginning and sales slowly tapered off for a long time. They were still focused primarily in traditional marketing and very little in online marketing. I was referred to iExperts Media to find a solution, and I was so excited to hear what he had to offer to improve our internet presence. The SEO initiates results were more gradual but still consistent. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I feel having worked with iExperts Media.

iExperts Media Web Design Review san diego seo expert
Misty Persinger ( LION )

iExperts Media designed a truly beautiful website for us. I have had so many compliments on how the new design looks and I absolutely love it. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but Salvador added so much more - the "profit points" as he calls them. We are now on the 2nd stage of our local SEO and we already see the difference is making.

SEO for north miami chiropractor san diego seo expert
Dr. Ryan A. Fisher

I have been working with Sal Frutos of iExperts for the past 18 months for all my SEO and PPC needs. He has far exceeded my expectations which is more then I can say for the companies I have utilized in the past who made promises they could not keep. My online presence has grown tremendously over the past year and a half and more importantly my phone continues to ring with new prospective patients looking for my services. I have already referred other colleagues to his company and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

SEO san diego seo expert
Justin Rubim

Salvador es un maestro de SEO y muy práctico, no exento de una más que notable creatividad sobre la experincia del usuario y generacion de clientes. Planifica perfectamente su trabajo, logrando muy buenos resultados sin desperdiciar recursos. Recomiendo plenamente su labor profesional.

Salvador Frutos 

San Diego SEO Expert

As a San Diego SEO Expert, all I really care about is how much revenue and profit I can drive to your business. 

SEO Expert in San Diego Focused on


Search Engine Optimization

My SEO Expertise generates $200,000+ in revenue for my clients

My SEO services focus primarily on creating a very successful online presence for your website through Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.  I focus on more than just Google's Pandas, Penguins, and the rest of the algorithms - what I really care about just as you do, is finding the fastest way to drive ready-to-buy- customers to your business.  You may have found me by searching for "seo consultant san diego", "san diego seo expert", "seo expert in san diego", "san diego seo specialist", "seo consultant" or anything in between, but the reason why you found this page because I was able to align this page, to "answer" the search you performed on a search engine. 


I am a transparent SEO Expert in San Diego County

My service is transparent and my pricing straight forward: I either improve your situation by driving more customer phone calls, web leads/inquiries, and/or sales, or you don't pay until I do.

     Client Revenue Generated on 2015 as an SEO Expert:



seo expert in san diego san diego seo expert

Salvador is truly a San Diego SEO expert when it comes to driving traffic leads and sales to your site. Would't recommend anyone else for the job!

- Daniel A.

Leading SEO Expert in San Diego


I have the privilege to work with several leading brands and small business owners who had not yet embraced or incorporated digital marketing in their business's program to increase their bottom lime.  With over 200 business analyzed, over 10,000 products and more than 300 different services carefully studied and researched during the past 10 years, I can confidently implement a comprehensive SEO strategy that not only improves search engine traffic, but that will increase your leads, phone calls or sales exponentially.


As a San Diego SEO Specialist, I employ only the most advanced and profitable forms of Search Engine Optimization in the market today, its also a proven digital marketing recipe to search engine success.  As of today, there are over 214 small business owners who can attest to my abilities as a San Diego SEO Consultant - because more than simple rankings, I make their online presence generate sales. Period. 

With over 50,000 hours spent in keyword research, landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization during the past 10 years, you can rest assured my skills are not just the same to other San Diego SEO Experts.

It's All About The Results


I worked with small business owners from Miami, New York to Los Angeles California and San Diego.  Some of these were retail businesses, other small plumbing companies, some independent professionals looking to improve their brand and online presence.  Over 90% of my clients had used some form of SEO at some point, but the success seem to always shy away and was never within reach.  


My SEO expertise comes from extensive (and sometimes obsessive) research, search engine algorithm analyzes, A/B testing for techniques and strategies and just like every one else, trial and error.  The SEO strategies I employ work because I have the gift to making valuable products and services succeed on the web.  The understanding I have about how people interact with search engines, what steps they take to research, study, and locate their services and product they want to buy extends to over 50,000 hours of private study.  


In reality there aren't that many SEO Experts in the field of internet marketing, and the really good ones are the ones that are making your bank account balance bigger.  SEO is not easy - more than just time, it takes in very deep understanding of how search engines and websites work, and what makes consumers really buy from businesses like yours.   Anyone that offers you to rank #1 in Google for less than what you pay for groceries every month, does not have your best interest at heart.

Reliable & Transparent
San Diego SEO Expert

If you are looking for a San Diego SEO Expert, get in touch with me today and I'll not only show you the areas you can immediately improve your site, but also provide with tips on how to make your site successful, free of charge.  Let's Talk (619) 354-3091

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