Twitter Marketing

We help you connect your brand, website, products & services with your target audience.

With over 500 million regular users, Twitter advertising is religiously followed by all big multi-national corporations and leading brand.

Targeted Audience

From the very beginning, Twitter has been an effective marketing tool for advertising and promotion activities directed at huge and diverse audience.


Twitter is a highly effective marketing tool to create an advertising fervor in the industry and a raging demand amongst your consumers.

High Engagement

All it takes it a 140-character long, cleverly worded and attractive phrase to sway your targeted consumer market. Twitter gives millions of service and product-oriented businesses all over the globe a chance to connect with a well-defined and global audience.


Significant ROI

Twitter allows a whole host of highly effective and beneficial marketing and advertising tools that will work wonders on your ad campaign and boosting your promotions.  


Twitter facilitates its users with one of the best and most effective approach to creating leads that target specific demographically and geographically.

Target Active
Users & Agents

From presidents, prime ministers, mayor and ambassadors, to journalists, writers, movie stars, singers, musicians
almost everyone striving to make themselves known and famous.


Pay for Adverts that get attention

A pay-only-for-engagement policy states that you will pay only for adverts that are getting attention from your targeted consumers, and hence, you will not be spending money while your adverts are just floating in the realm of social media without getting any attention and not serving any benefit to your business and profitability.  


Twitter ensures that you do not waste your money and allows you to set a highly affordable and economical budget for your ad campaign. All you have to do is, design a Twitter ad, place a bid for your ads and sit back, relax and get your product or service promoted.

Bring back all those incomplete sales

Online businesses all over the struggle over closing uncompleted sales, and what can be even more frustrating and exhausting is to track customers and visitors who have abandoned their carts. Twitter makes it easy and simple to track all those unfinished transaction and redeem the profits from visitors who have lost touch after leaving their purchase uncompleted.


Twitter ads allow you to target a tailored and customized audience, and this benefits businesses in identifying and seeking exactly the customers they set out to locate and connect with. It’s incredibly simple, all you have to do to track down those uncompleted sales is to import the emails of customers with unfinished purchases on your ecommerce website and match it to their Twitter profiles, this will help you in creating your tailored audience list and target a Twitter ad campaign, enticing and encourage those visitors who had abandoned their carts to revisit your website and close the uncompleted sales.

High ROI 
Marketing Platform

Twitter analytics allows you to examine and evaluate how people interpret, use and respond to your advertisements.

Promoted products

One of the most striking and effective advertising tools offered by Twitter is the regularly engaging and following-generating tweeting option called Promoted Products. It allows you enhance your communication and interaction with your targeted consumers by engaging them in a recurrently appearing and regularly update Twitter ad campaign.


The Promoted Products option works on a pay-per-engagement basis, and you only have to pay when your targeted consumers have responded to your tweet by either replying, retweeting, making it a favourite, or by simply clicking on it. This approach makes the advertising activities highly responsive, effective and cost-efficient.

100% Mobile-ready Landing pages

With Tweets and Trends, Twitter allows you to direct your ads and marketing efforts at a customized and tailored audience. You can target your consumer audience based on their demographics, geographic location, interests, likes and dislikes or simply by the devices they use and the keywords they search for.


The key is to create a cleverly phrased, attractive and encourage tweet that will entice and impress consumers enough to share and retweet it and turn it into a highly circulating and trending lead. It all comes down to how well and how much you promote your tweets!


Quick Leads with Twitter Ads

Twitter ads will intensify and enhance the effectiveness of your digital and social marketing strategies, leads generated by tweets on Twitter will assist you in forming a direct connection and interaction with your consumer audience by linking all your Promoted Tweets and Twitter cards directly to your website. For instance, if there is an event or a promotional sale and consumers who are interested in availing your product or service can contact you or register with your businesses in a matter of few clicks.


Leads generated with Twitter ads not only help increase and improve your prospect database, but also assist businesses in gaining an overwhelming traction.


Measure your success

Similarly, trends are also one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools on Twitter to create mass awareness and major promotion. If you want to engage the minds of your consumers by showing them recurrently appearing leads and tweets, and engaging them in the social spectrum with constant conversations and interaction, starting a trending and attractive hashtag is the key to bring your business and services into the limelight. Each trend is promoted for a day. If you are a small-business, target your trends at the local consumer market, and if you have a large-scale operation, the global consumer audience beckons!

twitter ads-dashboard

All successful and progressive business, large-scale as well as small, have built effective Twitter profiles targeted at a tailored audience of target consumers, and they maintain regularly updated and promoted Twitter add campaigns that are aimed at interacting and communicating with the targeted consumers.