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Website Maintenance

For most people and businesses, the journey to bringing their products or services online ends at the very beginning- website development. Most people forget that website maintenance is also an important and extremely vital aspect of your online life. Similar to a car, or any other valuable equipment, you cannot just have your website and then leave it without regular maintenance. website maintenance refers to the constant and regular updating of information, analysis and fixing of problems.


Aspects Of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance features a lot of factors and is not only about the software or the content. For purposes of easier understanding of all the processes and tasks involved in website maintenance, we will sub-divide them and group them into three major categories.


  • Interactive management

This category features all the aspects that the end user and website visitor can interact with. This refers to the audio and visual content on the website that is displayed to the website visitor. Interactive management therefore refers to the updating and maintenance of the content on the website including but not limited to blog posts, images, videos, products among others. It is not limited to the named content because such things as the date are also content that the end user interacts with though they may not be necessarily looking for that specific information.


  • Software management

Though the software is not an interactive component of the website, it also requires regular and up to date maintenance. The software is responsible for the delivery of the information on the website to the end user. It encodes the data that is fed into the website, codes it into a format that can be uploaded to the web, uploads the data and decodes it for the end user. Most importantly, the software is what protects the website visitor. There is a whole lot of malicious content that is floated into the internet by hackers looking to exploit website vulnerabilities so as to harm the website visitors for their own benefit. Software management involves updating new fixes into the original code for better website performance and accessibility, fixing broken links, fixing bugs, removing errors, updating security measures among others.


  • Hardware management

The hardware component of a website is also just as important and needs to be maintained. It involves components such as the web server, the computer, routers among others. Without these components, all the other aspects of website maintenance are an impossibility. As your website grows, you need to keep the hardware updated so that the website can run smoothly. The great thing with the hardware components is that you don't have to change them regularly unless you are sure that the component is insufficient or faulty in one way or the other.

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Importance of website maintenance


In case you are wondering whether website maintenance is really as vital as stressed above, here are the reasons why you really should maintain your website and the importance of the same.


  1. Search Engine Relation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect in the running of your website to increase traffic and ultimately your conversion rates. Search engines, Google and Bing (which are the leading search engines in the world) most especially, have built in algorithms to check for up to date content. That is to say that even if you have 100% optimization and avoid regular website maintenance, your search engine ranking will still drop if you do not maintain your website. Search engines are designed to monitor the content on your website to ensure that the results delivered to the end user are up to date. Similarly, if your website contains spam ads or any other malicious content, the search engines stop ranking your website in their results to protect the visitor which is one of the reasons why software management is important.


  1. Website reputation

Your online business or presence hinges greatly on your reputation. Your website's reputation could make or break you. When an individual visits your website, he/she expects that the browsing experience will be great. Broken down, that means that your website's visitors expect that they can and will navigate easily through your content, that they will be safe and that their information is protected and that they have up to date content. Failure in any of these could be catastrophic to your website as you will lose traffic and ultimately have low conversion rates.


  1. Ease of running the website

As the website administrator, you also stand to benefit from the management of your website. With an up to date website, you of course have better and easier control of the website including such things as content upload, data analysis, data management, SEO among others. Additionally, you are also safer from a hack if your website is up to date. That means that your content and information as well as that of your visitor is safe from intrusion and consequently, you are safe from adverse losses.


The "How" of website maintenance

In today's technological world, there are very many upcoming ways of website maintenance, geared towards easing the task. They can all be grouped into individual and professional methods.


Individual methods

These are usually best if you have knowledge of what you are doing. Mostly, the task is broken down so that you do not have to deal with the technical aspects of website maintenance if you do not know how. Instead, you are in charge of the interactive management of the website. There are various free and paid for website maintenance tools that you can use for this.


Professional methods

These are usually the best since the professional knows exactly what is expected and needed. They involve hiring a professional to oversee all the aspects of the website's management including the software and hardware management as well as the interactive.



website maintenance is a really important task and it should be taken very seriously. The more improved your website is through regular and constant website maintenance, the better the results to be expected from the website.