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Are you loosing rankings or organic traffic?  Find out exactly what is holding your website back, with our advanced website seo audit.

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What is a Website SEO Audit?

Professional SEO auditing starts with an analysis to determine where changes are needed to best optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and traffic. Some common issues include:

* Duplicated content
* Broken links
* HTML validation
* Browser compatibility
* Page load times
* Site statistics
* Meta descriptions


These are just some of the elements evaluated during a website SEO audit. Each of them is a factor checked by search engine crawlers (spiders) in ranking your site. A full SEO audit will show where your site needs improvement to gain better rankings and attract more visitors. At the end of the audit process you'll receive a detailed report on changes that should be made and adopted as an SEO strategy going forward.

Why Perform an SEO Audit?

A consultant is considered to be an expert in his or her field. It is valuable to have a consulting firm to come in and analyze the current state of your marketing approach. They will help you develop some attainable goals, and then set out a road map to achieve them.


These goals will often relate to the number of unique visitors you would like to see arrive at your website every month. Once you have this number, your consultant to work with you in designing a strategy and approach that will help you get there.


On-Page SEO

Frequently the problem is the way the content is structured. It might be content that is too brief (thin content), repeated text, duplicated or missing meta tags, or improper keyword use. Optimizing content will improve your site's position in SERPs (search engine result pages).

On-Page & Off-Page Audits

Off-Page Factors

This approach to SEO is mostly associated with links but represents up to 80 percent of what search engines look for. The number of links, where they are placed, anchor text used, broken or hanging links, redirects, and other potential problems with URLs need to be fixed.

Most site owners can't evaluate all links manually without a great deal of time and effort. We have a suite of tools for off-page analysis that can identify link issues and outline points to be addressed in order to increase your site's appeal to users and search engines alike.

Site Configuration

Search engine spiders expect basic site functions to operate correctly, such as HTTP headers, error pages, and page loads. They also use a number of site files to explore and index your content.

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Comprehensive SEO 

Website Audit

Receive a Comprehensive

SEO Audit with

Website and SEO file structure recommendations


This file goes in the root directory of your website to prevent web spiders from accessing certain folders. This file should have a specific format. It is typically used to prevent crawlers from including content that doesn't contribute to your site's theme, such as .pdf files or unused archive files.


This allows site admins to specify configuration directives that apply across your site. This file is used to dictate how users and spiders are directed to certain pages, including 301 redirects and custom error pages.


An xml (extended markup language) file is included to help spiders crawl your site more efficiently. It also allows users to search your site for information. This file includes links and description for each page on your site, outlining a hierarchy of priorities from the main pages to the least important ones.


How Do I Start?

Call or email us to discuss website SEO audit plans with one of our marketing experts. We'll start our in-depth examination of your site when it's convenient for you an deliver a detailed report when it's complete, then walk you through the steps you need to take to improve your rankings.

Users tend to look at sites from only the first two listing pages before changing their search phrase, so every day that your site isn't in those coveted spots could be losing you thousands of visitors.

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