SEO Services

We help  you achieve higher, profitable and consistent desktop and mobile rankings, by turning your WordPress site into a traffic & rankings powerhouse. 

Our WordPress SEO Service has ranked over 2,000 WordPress website at a local, national and worldwide scale for small businesses, eCommerce shops and independent professionals.

Website Assessment

Most agencies leave the on-page SEO to Wordpress plugins, and limit your website's ranking potential tremendously.  We incorporate several ranking-proven SEO tactic and code by hand, to enhance your pages properly according to our specifications and specific needs.

We've discovered that 9 out every 10 Wordpress websites fail Google's mobile friendly test, and just about every other basic mobile-friendly test we perform.  We focus on speed, performance, ease-of-use, discoverability, ranking increase and traffic generation on mobile search results.

Speed & Performance

Wordpress themes are notoriously slow performing and with over 10-20 plugins running simultaneously, you're lucky if you get a 5 second loading site.  Not only do our clients have the fastest Wordpress sites in the world, they are dominating the local mobile-rankings because of their speed and performance.

Forget Your 

Have you seen those HTTPS, eCommerce-driven, 20+ plugin dependent, image-heavy Wordpress websites load under 3 seconds?  That's Us!

Conversion Funnel Ready SEO

Most SEO agencies focus on optimizing websites, and thats why their SEO continues to fail.  Our team will optimize each of your pages independently by focusing on user intent, and how those search engine keyword fall into your conversion funnel.  We will break down a multitude of page specific keywords, and match them against your visitor's intent, moving each of your visitors through your conversion funnel.

Ease-of-use Navigation

What is the point of gaining higher rankings if your visitors are lost in your website's navigational maze.  By incorporating a carefully designed site menu and page navigation sitemap, we can improve time spent, click through rates, and engagement.  Our team will enhance your website's navigation in order to facilitate access to what your visitors need, while at the same time, optimizing user experience.

Speed, Performance
& SEO Excellence.

We don't make your website part of the crowd, we help it dominate local, national and worldwide rankings through profit-driven keyword selection.

Purchase Ready Rankings

While most agencies are chasing trophy rankings, we are helping our clients generate revenue from our WordPress SEO Services.  Our team of SEO analysts understand that the value of keywords lies not on their popularity or traffic volume, but on their ability to maximize conversions.  

Navigational Searches

We utilize keywords that meet your visitors intent just about when they are ready to purchase, and move those visitors that are looking to navigate to the proper section of your conversion funnel.  By avoiding the typical visitor to keyword intent mismatch, your website will drive high quality traffic, not just useless volume.

New Vs Returning

A new visitors needs introduction and guidance, a retiring visitor requires more convincing.  By incorporating new vs retiring visitor best practices, our team has been able to achieve a 10%- 20% conversion increase on average, on both lead generation and eCommerce sites.

Google likes the Wordpress platform above all others, but not because of the reasons most agencies will have you believe.  Google prioritizes resources to crawl and index pages on the web, and its little robots want to crawl your website in a ease to understand fashion, and wordpress coding architecture does just that.  

WordPress SEO plugins equal 5% of your SEO.

Most SEO Plugins are Useless

If you are leaving the SEO up to your Wordpress plugin, you will soon discover that those keyword to meta title metrics they are using are completely useless when it comes to understanding your visitors.  SEO plugins will provide a mere baseline of what novice SEO practitioners must do, the are no guarantees and they don't know your customers or your website's primary objective.

Analyze, Compare and Enhance

With todays' search engine tendency to change their algorithms without notice, the need to understand your visitors needs and wants, has become the most important ranking factor.  There is absolutely no point on gaining rankings through technical mumbo jumbo, penalty-prone link building tactics if your visitors are not calling you.  


Once your purchase ready traffic comes in, we focus on feminizing your visitors with your website's main objective. We achieve this by complementing their stay by facilitating access to the information they need, when they need it, a mouse click away.


Is your website designed to your or your customers specifications?  We help your customers fall in love with your site by keeping things simple, but only if you can fall in love with your site's ability to generate revenue.


Our team will place the Call to actions and unique selling propositions where they actually make sense and its helps your user move forward through the conversions funnel, at their convenience.