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A Dominant Online Presence

If you want your customers to easily find your business on the web, you should include search engine optimization (or SEO) in your internet marketing arsenal.  With a multitude of competitors all trying to increase their search engine presence and capture more sales from the web, SEO is not a luxury is a necessity


Some of the most profitable big brands such as AIC, CBS, Forbes, Amazon all receive over 95% of their sales from SEO, and should you too!


We are not just another SEO Company in San Diego or your typical San Diego SEO Expert that will BS their way through your back pocket, we're a revenue driven team of honest, transparent & experienced SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing Consultants that empower your business to dominate the web.

Achieve Market Leadership

In order for any business to find success on the web, credibility must first be established.  The days were you could simply build a site, add content and products to compete are long gone. 


If you want to your own market share of  customers looking for your products or services on Google, you need to up your internet marketing game.


For your business to increase web leads, phone calls or sales from search engine results pages, you have to take your pages beyond the typical on-page and off-page SEO tactics.  You can't expect every Google searcher to buy from you simply due to #1 rankings.  Today, people are concerned with several other purchasing factors which have very little to do with three-word "#1 Google rankings."  That's why we focus on rankings that drive revenue, and you should too.

Increase Exposure For More Sales

People on the web are like water, they tend to follow the path of least resistance. If your site, product or service is difficult to find, or your content is just "good", your hard earned visitors will simply move on, regardless of your #1 rankings.  


As visitors click that "back" button, all of your rankings, backlinks, and everything else you've done to your site is all gone to Google's 3rd page.  


If you want your own lion's share from Google, you need focus on revenue first, rankings later.  Whether you need a Reputable San Diego SEO Company, an effective specialist to improve your internet marketing presence, we may be able help you.  


We're obsessed with making businesses money.  Are we not right up your alley?

Who We Are

San Diego SEO Company: iExperts Media Marketing is a team of five ex Microsoft, Cisco, Apple Computer, PPC and SEO Managers with over 10 years of Internet Marketing Agency Experience.  Together we have generated over 2.1 Million Dollars for our clients during the past 2 years, and launched SEO campaigns to websites that generate over $120,000 in revenue every month.


We are an honest, transparent and highly experienced new breed of SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing consultants that focus on creating campaigns that drive revenue and profit for our clients.  Due to our highly successful marketing strategies, other internet marketing agencies are using our consulting services.  As a leading San Diego SEO Consultant Agency, we work with motels/hotels/resorts, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, waste management companies, recycling, hair stylists, plumbers, moving companies, independent contractors and professionals.  We're not just one of the very best SEO Company in San Diego, our SEO services in San Diego have generated over half a million dollars for one of our clients during the year 2014.

What We Do

San Diego SEO Services: Our San Diego SEO Service focuses on satisfying customers, not Google.  Our team thrives on generating internet marketing strategies based on specific San Diego SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns that drive revenue.  Our SEO in San Diego goes beyond Google Penguin and Pandas, useless social media marketing, and ineffective Pay Per Click campaigns - when we launch an internet marketing campaign, we'll take you along every step of the way.  


As a San Diego SEO Agency, we understand that you need revenue to improve your bottom line, this is why we focus our team and resources to not only planning exceptional campaigns that work, but also spend time meeting with you face to face, and explaining our strategy in detail.  We will provide you with a top-notch, revenue-driven and transparent San Diego SEO service.  More and more businesses in San Diego and Mexico continue to use iExperts Media as their preferred San Diego SEO Company for their PPC & Social Media Marketing campaigns alike.  All we truly care about is how much revenue and profit we drive to your business.

We Understand  
Internet Shoppers

San Diego Internet Marketing that Works

online customer buying funnels

We can use all those fancy SEO, PPC, and Social Media tactics that you like,but the key to successful online marketing is based on understanding the needs of your customers.

You know You're Legit, But do your Customers?

Online shoppers are constantly bombarded with popup offers, misleading advertising, manipulative ads and a myriad of other annoying marketing tactics that make them wary of whom they interact.

Once customers arrive at your site, they may find themselves in the process of "considering" your services or products.  If your site or brand are both just like all others they've encountered during their journey to your site, you will loose that customer.  Our San Diego SEO Internet Marketing backtracks your customer's online footsteps.

Our San Diego SEO service allows our team to pin point the behavior of your ideal customers prior to them arriving at your site.  How we do this?  By mimicking customer's multiple online searches (and their variations)product or service comparison, pricing consideration and finally, their product or service buying preferences.

With Organic SEO San Diego you can get a step closer to understanding your customers, refining your website's selling potential and maximizing your ROI.

San Diego SEO Agency: We're a small team of supremely qualified and highly experienced SEO managers, PPC specialists, and Social Media Marketers that love working with clients who are willing to take that step forward into achieving a profitable dominant online presence.

Define your Customer's Intent

It's a known fact that some keywords don't have a lot of search volume.  But you shouldn't worry about this.  As an experienced San Diego SEO Firm, we are not going for high volume—we are going for focused intention.

Your Customers are NOT a Price Tag

Focus on providing your customers top quality service or products and align your customer service to delight them before and after the purchase has been made.

Quick and Easy Results Are Dangerous

Do not get tempted by some shady trick, hack, tweak, black magic, or programming voodoo that most SEO companies in San Diego may offer you. In fact, this requires quite a bit of hard work, time, and effort. If you’re expecting to find “one sneaky trick that Google doesn’t want you to know about,” you’ve lose money quickly.

Focus On Online Marketing that Works

Internet Marketing will help you connect your ideal customers with your business.  In a classic internet marketing campaign, what happens next after customers arrive at your site, it's entirely up to you.  We take our internet marketing campaigns a step further.  


Track, Measure and Execute

If you are not tracking your customers online purchasing preferences, you will never learn how your ideal customers view your business, service or product on the web.  By tracking, measuring and refining your marketing tactics, you can increase opportunities and customers, too.

We Have Our 
Own Fans Too

As a San Diego SEO Company, PPC Consultants & Social Media Marketers

iExperts Media SEO Testimonial
Danny Vesisaari

Our old marketing company was not producing the results it had in the beginning and sales slowly tapered off for a long time. They were still focused primarily in traditional marketing and very little in online marketing. I was referred to iExperts Media to find a solution, and I was so excited to hear what he had to offer to improve our internet presence. The SEO initiates results were more gradual but still consistent. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I feel having worked with iExperts Media.

iExperts Media Web Design Review
Misty Persinger ( LION )

iExperts Media designed a truly beautiful website for us. I have had so many compliments on how the new design looks and I absolutely love it. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but Salvador added so much more - the "profit points" as he calls them. We are now on the 2nd stage of our local SEO and we already see the difference is making.

SEO for north miami chiropractor
Dr. Ryan A. Fisher

I have been working with Sal Frutos of iExperts for the past 18 months for all my SEO and PPC needs. He has far exceeded my expectations which is more then I can say for the companies I have utilized in the past who made promises they could not keep. My online presence has grown tremendously over the past year and a half and more importantly my phone continues to ring with new prospective patients looking for my services. I have already referred other colleagues to his company and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

Justin Rubim

Salvador es un maestro de SEO y muy práctico, no exento de una más que notable creatividad sobre la experincia del usuario y generacion de clientes. Planifica perfectamente su trabajo, logrando muy buenos resultados sin desperdiciar recursos. Recomiendo plenamente su labor profesional.

Excellence in
Internet Marketing

Leading San Diego SEO Company

There are only a handful of SEO Consultants that can make SEO be profitable for your business.  Some will sell you the idea that "Google rankings" should be your main concern, while others focus on improving your bottom line.  The truth is, that not all rankings are equal, just as not every keyword with high search volume is profitable.  If you focus on rankings rather than on increasing revenue and profit, you will be greatly disappointed.  That's when we come in.


A "profitable" search engine optimization & Internet Marketing strategy demands highly trained and experienced SEO professionals, that remain current in all aspects of SEO, keyword research and content marketing.  


Our ultimate goal is to drive "money-out-wallet" visitors to your site by achieving top search engine placements for "proven" profitable search terms, that your customers are using that result in more leads, calls and sales.


Rankings are great, but if those rankings and traffic do not turn into paying customers, it doesn't matter.


Pay Per Click Advertising has no room for risks.  One small error can turn your campaign upside down, and make you lose money.  PPC Marketing demands a meticulous approach to audience and keyword selection, extremely careful planning for campaign growth, and consistent testing in order to balance your objectives with your budget.


As a transparent San Diego PPC Company, we place a great deal of research and careful planning to every Pay Per Click campaign that we launch.  All of our campaigns (PPC, SEO & Social) undergo a thorough research process in order to identify the best campaign strategy, that has the greatest potential to meet your objectives.  


But make no mistake, it's not going to be easy, there is no automatic pilot, and you will have to get involved.


There are other businesses like yours all trying to get their own lion's share from the web.  Sometimes your competition is doing such a poor job, that a $0.99 CPC is possible, and other times we will need to rethink our strategy, either way, every click must have a chance to turn a profit.


Social Media Marketing is not for everyone, and instead of instantly saying "yes we can help you", or begin over-promising, we'll conduct an analysis to confirm that social media marketing is in fact, the best platform in which to fulfill your objective.


To be successful with social media marketing, you need to go beyond Ad visuals and impressions.  If your landing page is off, your audience is unrelated, geographical targeting is misaligned, you are using the same Ads for multiple campaigns, or you are using a single campaign to achieve multiple objectives, you will not see a profit.  


If you are trying to use the same technique that worked for you before, but it's no longer working, you will end up loosing money.


Leading San Diego SEO Company with SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing that just works.


If we can help you, we will, and if we can't, we will still help you.  You'll get our honest feedback and tell you what we would do if we were in your shoes.



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Leads & Sales

san diego seo company ROI

SEO, PPC & Social Marketing that Yields Significant ROI

San Diego is teeming with companies all looking to stand out. One of the best ways to do that is through digital marketing, such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing, which can help your company separate itself from it's competitors on the web.  Doing marketing in today's crowded and tech-driven market, though, is quite a challenge.  Not only does your strategy demands highly specialized knowledge of how the platforms work, it also demands knowledgeable professionals that focus on increasing revenue for your business.  


SEO Agency: San Diego Based

Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media Marketing, is part art and part science. It refers to web design with the intent to make the site appear higher on the list of results that Google suggests. Having strong integrated digital marketing support means your website appears right near the top, which can provide you with a huge boost in traffic, phone calls, leads and sales. The goal of this is to improve your company's bottom line by adding revenue through organic and paid search, something that many companies desperately need today, but that are unfortunately, implementing poorly for their revenue goals.


SEO: San Diego Business Owners Deserve Better

As a highly experienced San Diego SEO Company that focuses on increasing your revenue and profit through the use of proven SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing processes, the expertise that we provide to our clients, specially as an SEO services company San Diego, you can rest assured that we place your objectives at the top of our priority list.


San Diego Search Engine Optimization agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but the true internal level of expertise is greatly disproportionate compared to how much actual revenue they bring in to their clients as San Diego SEO Firm.  If you are looking for search engine optimization San Diego that comes with no contract obligations, has a money back guarantee and comes with over 60+ positive reviews from satisfied clients, iExperts Media is the perfect choice.  There are several SEO Companies in San Diego CA, but we stand alone with it comes to creating profitable internet marketing companies for our clients bar none.

Client revenue generated in the last 12 months


Our San Diego SEO Marketing, PPC & Social  Services Focus on Driving "money-out-of-wallet" customers to your doorstep.

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