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Most SEO Agencies Get it Wrong. They Focus on "Rankings", Not Revenue!

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We'll Open the Floodgates to Consistently PROFITABLE TRAFFIC

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Only 1 out of every 20 customers actually buy something that turns into profit, and yet, most business owners believe that they need to drive the "highest amount" of people to their business to increase revenue.  The money in their bank account may show a different story, but our thinking of "bigger is better" blindside our ability to pin point the real factors that drive revenue.


SEO is not a "fits all" service, and a SEO strategy (or pricing) should never be formed without understanding your target audience, or who your competitors are and what they are doing - instead, most agencies start immediately promising top rankings and traffic, as if they had a magic wand they can wave and rankings and traffic just pour in.  


Search Engine algorithms were never designed for websites, they are designed for people - specially for Google's own customers.  They are essentially there to ensure that businesses play fair and control any manipulative attempt to game the system and frustrate customers.  There is not "real" answer to SEO, but with consistent testing,  following best practices and focusing on "people" rather than on rankings, we can turn your misaligned or obscure online presence into a profitable one.

Focus on Customers, Don't just Chase Rankings

Unlike the other "money hungry" guys that want to take on as many customers as they can with the promise of "rankings", we have a revenue first approach with our SEO clients.  We're only a small team, we have to choose our clients carefully.  


Our SEO strategy goes bound penguins and pandas and all the other Google Algorithms, we focus on customers, qualifying and driving them to your business door step.  All we truly care about is how much money we help you take to your bank account.


Our team won't bother you with nonsense you don't have time for.  What we will do, is explain our strategy in detail, what will be the outcome and how to measure the results properly.  In other words, we will ask you "how much revenue did you make this month?"


We will only work with you if we truly believe that we can help you increase your revenue and profit.  And if we can't help you, we will tell you and still help you, and provide you other possible alternatives that align with your objectives.  And if any of our competitors can help you, we will tell you, too.

Google Doesn't Buy From You, People do.

Has Google ever purchased anything from you? Nope. And yet, most SEO agencies out there all they do is trying to please Google.  Some will go as far as showing confusing reports that make no sense at all.  SEO does take time, and you need to have some metrics in place, but the only thing that truly matters is how much money you are making as a result of SEO. Period.


Yes, Google has complete control over how websites are ranked and what people get to see.  However, when you incorporate best practices on your website to ensure that it accommodates the people that are browsing it, you have a much greater chance to succeed.  That is why we're obsessed with data.  The breadcrumbs that your website visitors leave as they arrive (or leave) your website is paramount to any SEO campaign.


Our team will digest this data and present it to you in an easy to understand format.  Our SEO reports are meant to tell part of the story, the grand finale always resides in the money reaching your bank account each month, regardless of what any SEO report claims.

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Rankings and traffic are great, but if your visitors do not turn into paying customers, it really doesn't matter.

SEO is not an exact science and rankings are the worse metric you can use to measure your return on investment.  In short, proficient and renueve-driven SEOs know that rankings are worthless.  Anyone that tells you different is selling you wolf tickets.


Over 89.4% of the traffic from Google is the direct result of word phrases that very few people use - these are not, by any means, the most popular terms, or are these the keywords that have the highest monthly search volume.  



Platform Specific SEO

Magento is a very complex platform that demands a specialized SEO strategy to avoid duplicate content and search engine algorithmic penalties.

We thrive in making WordPress sites rank in search engines by implementing state-of-the-art speed, mobile-friendly, conversion optimization and unparalleled loading speed performance.

Shopify SEO

Our team of Shopify SEO experts can make you eCommerce Shopify store highly successful in search engines by implementing Shopify-specific SEO techniques that will rank your site.

If you are not in the top 3, you are practically invisible. We over 10 years of Google Maps experience, we're confident we'll help you beat your competition and gain the rankings your deserve.

Joomla SEO

Not everyone can handle Joomla's SEO infrastructure, and most that try fail. We're Joomla developers which gives us intimate knowledge of how it works, and we can make it rank in search engines.

Local SEO requires a very specific approach to drive local traffic to your site.  Your local customers are performing very specific search queries with local intent, and these are now coming from mobile devices, which has its own algorithm. We focus on more than just desktop searches and rank your website on mobile rankings.

Website SEO Reviews

Magento Review

For every Magento site that we've analyzed, 95% failed the most basic SEO audits, 86% had duplicate content penalties and the rest could not rank their products or categories.  Our Magento SEO Review will outline both the technical and user SEO issues and how you can overcome them.

WordPress Review

We'll show you how to take your wordpress site beyond the latest SEO plugins, and not only help it dominate the web, it will beat your competitor's Wordpress websites in search engine rankings, mobile compatibility, speed and performance.

Shopify Review

Most Shopify sites have some sort of algorithmic penalty and most fail to remove them.  Shopify is not SEO friendly and most certainly not SEO ready out of the box.  Our analysis will outline all of the platform specific SEO issues and how these can be corrected, one by one.

Algorithmic Penalties

You've applied all the SEO techniques, hired the "best SEO agency", and yet, you can't get past page2?  Its very likely that there were some aggressive SEO tactics, the SEO was mediocre, or your site needs a more experienced and specialized team to look at it.  Our review will pin-point all SEO faults, errors, and user related issues, one by one.

Penalty Detox

There is a very specific way to handle algorithmic penalties, and its not always a link related one.  Each algorithm has updates, and these focus on various areas of your website; from content, performance, mobile compatibility, speed and performance.  We'll provide you with most comprehensive algorithmic penalty report you won't find elsewhere.

Content Review

Got a blog with 1,000 pages with 500-word-based-content and don't know why it isn't working?  With over 1,000 blogs written over the past 15 years, we know what it takes to make a blog rank and drive traffic to your site.  Our review will place your blog under our review microscope and will outline all faults, errors, and traffic issues that may be plaguing it.

Effective Web Development Solutions san diego seo services

As a leading San Diego SEO Services Agency, we go beyond Algorithms

We provide rigorous competitive comparison, testing for all major platforms, browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, national, worldwide and local search on search engines before we finally arrive at the most effective SEO campaign that aligns with your specific objectives.  


Testing is performed both as a user and as an administrator to ensure your site is not only found, but retains your visitors.